Neil Young Cancels Remaining 2024 Tour Dates With Crazy Horse

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Neil Young in San Diego, April 2024 (Photo by Thomas K. Arnold, used with permission)

Neil Young has canceled the remaining dates of his 2024 tour, which had marked his return to the stage with Crazy Horse. The June 26 announcement cited an illness to “a couple of us.” The spring leg of the “Love Earth” run began on April 24 and spanned 15 outdoor venues in the U.S. and Canada. The most recent performance was on May 22 at Pine Knob Music Theatre in Clarkson, Mich. Concerts had been scheduled as far out as September. The shows represented his first tour with the band since before the pandemic, in 2019.

On his Archives website, Young wrote, “The Love Earth Tour has been a great experience for us so far. GREAT AUDIENCES AND MUSIC. WE HAVE HAD A BLAST!

“When a couple of us got sick after Detroit’s Pine Knob, we had to stop. We are still not fully recovered, so sadly our great tour will have a big unplanned break. We will try to play some of the dates we miss as time passes when we are ready to rock again! We know many of you made travel plans and we apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

“Health is # 1. We want to stay and do more shows and more albums for you…. and for for us.
With love and thanks to all of you from Crazy Horse…”

It was signed by Young and Crazy Horse members Micah Nelson, Ralph Molina and Billy Talbot. Longtime Crazy Horse member Nils Lofgren has been on tour with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Young and Crazy Horse have played together for over 50 years.

Young had finally returned to the stage on June 30, 2023, the first concert for the celebrated singer-songwriter since a solo theater run in 2018-19.

Young, who turned 78 last Nov. 12, had made his first public performance in years last year on Feb. 25, 2023, at a rally in Victoria, Canada. He then appeared with his three-time bandmate Stephen Stills at the latter’s benefit concert and again at Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday concerts. Both were in April. Following his 2023 tour, Young performed at the 2023 Farm Aid concert on Sept. 23. He also played a pair of concerts with Crazy Horse at The Roxy in West Hollywood to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the intimate venue where he was the first performer in 1973.

A new double album, Fu**in Up, originally released for Record Store Day on April 20, includes live tracks recorded at those concerts. It’s available in the U.S. here.

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  1. v2787
    #1 v2787 29 February, 2024, 16:12

    I know this will be an unpopular post, but I don’t really care. I just wanted to say that I wouldn’t walk across the street to see Neil Young perform for free. I can’t stand his whiny, screechy voice or his cacophonous guitar playing. (I respect his politics, however, and support that fully. I’m glad he uses his platform to support progressive causes.) I haven’t liked any music he’s done since the Buffalo Springfield days, and I see no reason to start now. If you like Neil Young, then great. Enjoy yourself. I’ll pay my money to see artists who can actually sing as opposed to sounding like a scalded cat.

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    • Sean
      Sean 1 March, 2024, 05:40

      Is he trying to save Earth by flying fuel-guzzling jets, which haul around all his gear and staff? He’s a hypocrite. He leaves more of a carbon footprint in one year than I would my entire life! Why doesn’t he stay put in Canada and have people watch online? He thinks he knows better than us, but he is wrong.

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      • Jtravis1566
        Jtravis1566 6 July, 2024, 11:30

        So only ppl who don’t drive cars, never ride airplanes, or the like can comment on or make efforts to try to maintain some semblance of a life-sustaining planet? What an ignorant, myopic viewpoint. That’s like saying people who advocate for or try to help lower the rate of obesity can NEVER, EVER have a cookie or a slice of cake. What a doofus.

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    • Mr. Soul
      Mr. Soul 1 March, 2024, 07:57

      Dear V2787,
      You are entitled to your opinion but know this. No one really cares about your thoughts on Neil Young, and you will not be missed at his concerts. I am sure there are artists that you prefer to listen to that others do not like. It’s a free country, so just keep on Rocking in The Free World.

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      • Sean
        Sean 1 March, 2024, 09:38

        Mr. Soul,
        Evidently you do care about his opinion, otherwise you would not have commented on it. Try not to use too many fossil fuels getting to and from the concert.

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    • Rick
      Rick 1 March, 2024, 12:25

      OMG Where to start? I’m a 70 year old life long musician and Neil Young is my all time favorite artist. Whatever you think of his voice, he is widely considered one of the best song writers of all time. Even if you disagree w/ that, no one can argue that he is one of the most prolific song writers of all time. And just so you know. Neil Young is a composer and performer. (Not a political pundit). People don’t go to see Neil Young because of his politics, although many agree w/ them. They go because he is their favorite artist also. Who do you like to see in concert? Or do you just go to political gatherings?

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      • Batchman
        Batchman 27 June, 2024, 20:51

        Obviously there are people who go to see Neil Young but not because of his politics. Otherwise why did so many of them walk out when he played “Let’s Impeach the President”? If all his fans agreed with his politics, none of those folks would have been there to begin with.

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    • Bluesman
      Bluesman 12 March, 2024, 14:05

      I accept that people don’t like the Neil Young sound. You’re entitled to your view. You’re not entitled to slobber nonsense about him. If you’re not a fan, then walk on. None of your God Damned business you whiney sad git!

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    • Jtravis1566
      Jtravis1566 6 July, 2024, 11:27

      Yet you took time out of your own life to leave a nasty, hateful comment. Maybe go desperately try to dig up some semblance of a worthy existence. Pretty certain your knowledge of Neil Young, what all he stands for, and his music would fit inside a thimble w/ room left for a thumb.

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