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Top of The Pops (Charts)

Look back on what was ruling the radio airwaves and selling albums each week in the past

Radio Hits July 1966: Summer in the City

Many songs in this week’s Top 10 would become all-time classics. It wasn’t unusual for pop and rock bands to share the airwaves with popular vocalists

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The #1 Singles of 1971: Maggie May, Shaft and Jeremiah

Fellow chart nerds unite! Best Classic Bands readers can’t seem to get enough of our frequent takes at the classic rock era’s “year’s biggest” lists. So we’re introducing (yet) another way of looking at them. The topic, as you know

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Radio Hits in June 1968 Were Jumpin’

As summer began, future classic rock hits were being played alongside a wild assortment of soul, country and instrumental favorites

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The 10 #1 Albums of 1976: At the Speed of Sound

Of the hundreds of albums that charted in a great year for rock, only 10 topped the sales chart. We look at big titles from the Eagles, Wings and Frampton

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Top-Selling Albums of 1980: Look Back

Many all-time greats were among the year’s biggest sellers, including two classic rock LPs that are among the biggest sellers of all time

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Radio Hits June 1974: From ‘Sundown’ to ‘Midnight’

We were listening to two Canadian singer-songwriters who had the biggest hits of their careers this week, alongside big songs from Grand Funk and Paul McCartney

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Only 6 Albums Reached #1 in 1978: Here’s Why

On January 21, roughly one month after the film’s opening, its soundtrack reached #1. It remained at the top through July 8, another 24 consecutive weeks.

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Top Selling Albums of 1970: Look Back

Recordings made by some of the biggest classic rock artists of the era dominated the list of top-selling albums in the U.S.

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Radio Hits in June 1967: Dawn of the Summer of Love

With summer just around the corner, the biggest songs this week included all-time greats from the Airplane, Turtles, Aretha and Scott McKenzie

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Radio Hits June 1968: It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas

The playlist at Los Angeles’ Top 40 powerhouse KHJ had a great blend of pop, rock and soul hits. We examine why a Stones classic didn’t reach #1

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