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Top of The Pops (Charts)

Look back on what was ruling the radio airwaves and selling albums each week in the past

Radio Hits of March 1972: Round and Round

A prominent songwriter had a #1 hit with a borrowed song. Listeners were confused by a tune they thought was Neil Young. And T. Rex’s only U.S. hit.

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Radio Hits of February 1968: Look Back

A sonic blend of classic pop, R&B, psychedelic, bubblegum, and soul songs were on playlists across the U.S., topped by a sappy instrumental tune

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Radio Hits in February 1967: Look Back

On the American Top 40 this week: plenty of favorites from Britain shared the charts with classics from the good old U.S. of A.

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Radio Hits in February 1976: You Made a Fool of Me

The Eagles, Aerosmith and ELO each scored one of their many career hits. Eric Carmen and Paul Simon had the biggest solo singles of their careers

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Radio Hits in February 1977: The Sound of Thunder

Songs by some of the biggest names in rock including the Eagles + Steve Miller topped the chart. Fleetwood Mac released Rumours, making them superstars

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Radio Hits of 1971: 50 Years Ago

It was an amazing year for music as rock, pop and R&B shared the airwaves. Solo hits from 3 former Beatles, joined 2 songs called “Superstar” near the top. What was #1?

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The 50 Biggest U.S. Albums: 24 Never Reached #1

Though it seemed like everyone you knew owned these LPs from Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Boston, Meat Loaf, and others, they never hit the top of the Billboard chart

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Radio Hits in February 1965

A boatload of British Invasion hits led the way including a Kinks favorite. A diva scored a career hit. Check out the novelty song and see what was #1…

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Radio Hits of 1970: Take a Second Look

Several pop culture touchstones debuted this year, and some of the year’s biggest singles included hits by a slew of one-hit-wonders plus some all-time classics

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The #1 Singles of 1973: Each One Has a Story

We continue our series of looking at the most popular music for a given year. The topic, as you know by the headline, is singles and while we have done stories on the biggest hits of the year, this series

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