Brick & Mortar Record Retailing

The emergence of rock music drove the rise of the record store where fans could find the music they love, get turned onto new acts and sounds by the music lovers that worked there, and interact with fellow fans. We recall the notable stores and chains of the past and look at those record retailers that carry on the tradition

Stacks and Stacks of Vinyl: Tower Records in the ’70s

Go back in time (before “big box stores” and the Internet) and watch film footage of when Tower Records’ Sunset Blvd store was an adventure in vinyl album shopping.

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Remember Crazy Eddie, the “Insaaane” Music Retailer?

The chain’s TV ads with the crazy pitch man were so ubiquitous in the New York metropolitan area, Dan Aykroyd spoofed them on Saturday Night Live

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Record Store Day Black Friday 2016 Preview

Some of the best indie record store owners tell us what they and their customers are looking forward to on RSD’s Black Friday celebration. Happy shopping!

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Store Owners Excited for Record Store Day 2016

Indie record stores are celebrating Record Store Day 2016 on Sat., April 16 with 100s of exclusive titles from classic rock giants The Doors, CCR + Hendrix

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Get Set For Record Store Day 2015

Record Store Day gets better every year, providing “Christmas in April” for independent brick & mortar record store and collectors, and reminding recorded music lovers that their local shops are their best friend.

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It’s Record Store Day: Black Friday Edition

Record lovers can shop and have fun this when the now-annual Record Store Day Black Friday edition takes place with lots of exclusive classic rock titles

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