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When Eddie Murphy Became a Star With ’48 Hrs.’

The comedian was just 19 when he joined Saturday Night Live as a featured player. He soon became the series’ breakout star and Hollywood beckoned

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When Kenny Rogers ‘Dropped In’

Years before his hugely successful solo career as a recording and touring artist, “the Gambler” scored a psychedelic pop hit with the First Edition

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William Shatner: Rock Star

The Star Trek actor and longtime spokesman has frequently collaborated with rock stars on his recordings. He turned 93 in 2024

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Carl Palmer Talks About Emerson, Lake and Palmer

The famed rock drummer reveals that he and ELP bandmate Keith Emerson were going to play together again in 2016

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Bobby Whitlock Interview on Derek & the Dominos

Though the legendary band had a short run, their music still reverberates. Their co-founder talks about finally re-connecting with Eric Clapton

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When Billy Crystal Met Sally

Can a man and a woman just be friends? That was the question that Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan debated in Rob Reiner’s 1989 romantic comedy

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How Neil Sedaka Helped Create 10cc

The unique collaboration, from the new book, I’m Into Something Good: My Life Managing 10cc, Herman’s Hermits & Many More!, from Harvey Lisberg

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Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ (as a ’90s Sitcom)?: Here’s How

A talented editor has taken elements from the 1980 psychological horror film and created a brilliant, breezy “what if?” parody as if it were a 30-minute sitcom

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Is Smokey Robinson Underrated? An Appreciation

Now in his ninth decade, we look back at his legendary songwriting and recording achievements, and honors. Yet, it’s possible that he’s still underrated

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