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Paul Anka Interview: So Square That He’s Hip

The legend wrote the classics “She’s a Lady” (the Tom Jones hit), “My Way” and The Tonight Show theme. At 75+, he’s still entertaining his fans

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Bob Dylan’s Brush With Death in 1966

He was living in bucolic Woodstock, having sought sanctuary from the noise, chaos—and drugs—that had consumed his life during the past year. Then he took his motorcycle for a spin

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Will Durst’s Paul McCartney Freshen Up Tour FAQs

The political comic went to the second-to-last show of the 2019 tour and had a lot of observations about the rock and roll star

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Cheap Trick’s Rise: The Inside Story

The Epic Records executive, who signed the band and produced 3 of their albums, talks about their early days and quest for a pop hit. It eventually arrived courtesy of Japan

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Life Without Mad Magazine: What, Me Worry?

Many of Mad’s articles exposed staples of American culture—nothing and no one was safe from its pointed humor, from hit movies to products to the media.

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Ringo Starr’s Drum Beat Can’t Be Beat

Is it possible that Ringo Starr is underrated? Our assessment of the 2015 Rock Hall inductee’s Beatles and solo career says “yes”

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Remembering Barry White and Love Unlimited

Backing his work was Love Unlimited Orchestra, a 40-piece ensemble conducted by White himself. His legacy includes six Top 10 pop hits and six #1 R&B singles

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Foghat’s ‘Slow Ride’ of a Career Continues

The British-born blues’n’boogie band that rocked the ’70s with fervor carry on with a fine new album titled ‘Under The Influence’

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B.B. King May Be Gone But The Thrill Remains

In our tribute, we describe how he gave his all to blues music, and as a result became its preeminent ambassador the world round.

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