Joni Mitchell Gets Visit From Tom Rush; Health Update

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Joni Mitchell shared news on May 29, 2019, of a recent visit she received from a friend. On her social platforms, the famed singer-songwriter shared a picture taken with fellow musician Tom Rush. Rush had been touring on the “left coast” and recapped some highlights. “Best of all,” he wrote, “was getting to spend an afternoon with Joni at her home in LA. She’s amazing! Still! She’s doing very well, thank you, better all the time, and sends her regards.”

A post on Mitchell’s official website revealed that she suffered an aneurysm on March 31, 2015, when she was found unconscious in her Los Angeles home and taken to UCLA Medical Center. The same post also noted that she is now back at her Bel Air residence and recovering.

“Joni did in fact suffer an aneurysm,” says a statement approved by her friend and conservator Leslie Morris. “However, details that have emerged in the past few days are mostly speculative [referring to an interview with David Crosby on The Huffington Post]. The truth is that Joni is speaking, and she’s speaking well. She is not walking yet, but she will be in the near future as she is undergoing daily therapies…. [S]he’s getting better each day. A full recovery is expected.”

Mitchell turned 77 on November 7, 2020.

A February 2019 photo of Mitchell with the artist David Hockney warmed hearts everywhere.

Mitchell is no stranger to health issues. At age eight she contracted polio and was hospitalized, and has been an unrepentant smoker since she was nine years old. Retired from recording and touring, the seven-time Grammy winner suffers from Morgellons Disease, a controversial, self-diagnosed condition with a wide range of dermatological symptoms that include scratching, itching and burning feelings, often accompanied by the emergence of threads, strings, and filaments from the skin of the sufferers. Studies performed and published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have determined that Morgellons is a psychosomatic disorder.

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  1. niki
    #1 niki 20 February, 2019, 23:03

    Morghellons is NOT a proven psychosomatic disease. The CDC lies, as we know by now, it was delivered by the chemtrails, compliments of our government. They had the audacity to pretend it was all in the poor people’s heads ! such hypocrisy !

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    • airmid2
      airmid2 17 June, 2019, 11:30

      Not psychosomatic- the CDC is often incorrect, and just another government agency we can’t trust.

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    • Freud
      Freud 14 August, 2019, 09:51

      You know nothing of the concept of ‘hysterical conversion.’ You are not versed in psychoanalytic theory. Just because Joni is a musical genius doesn’t mean she’s not neurotic.

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    • Dingo Dingle dong
      Dingo Dingle dong 29 May, 2020, 03:35

      It wasn’t proven by the CDC is what they are saying, come on you bums learn to read! It hasn’t been proven by a duck either, does that effect it’s validity? Hell no! The CDC is just a one view organisation, and no they haven’t proven many things that are valid and real. So calm down and learn to read clearly. Stop being reactionists.

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  2. Gem
    #2 Gem 8 June, 2019, 09:19

    The CDC lies about this disease. I have no skin sores and look perfectly healthy but I have fibers that grow out of my hair that can be easily seen with the naked eye. This isn’t the worst symptom it’s just an obvious one. I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease in the past and this may have something to do with that. Lyme is another disease the CDC wishes they could sweep under the rug. The medical community treats HIV patients better than someone who went on a hike and got sick from a tick bite.

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  3. JC
    #3 JC 10 June, 2019, 16:40

    How on earth can one cause filaments and fibers to emerge from their skin? How can that be psychosomatic? Clearly this is a scary condition undoubtedly caused by a poison or chemical ingested by the sufferer. Government nonsense as usual.

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  4. Mike
    #4 Mike 3 February, 2020, 10:55

    Why would we be ready to believe that there is a single opinion in a large bureaucratic organization about Morgellon’s disease?

    Likely, there are a diversity of findings and opinions.

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  5. Justanothervictim
    #5 Justanothervictim 3 February, 2020, 18:32

    I have also been told that Morgellons is not a real disease by over 9 doctors. I suffered from it after contracting Lyme disease that was undiagnosed and untreated for several years. I am presently experiencing a relapse. I’ll never accept that this disease is unreal even though no on believes me…even though some have witnessed with there own eyes. I agree that it is hard to believe your own eyes with such a strange undiagnosed disease that the medical doctors don’t know how to diagnose and the government wants to deny.

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  6. OddasAlec
    #6 OddasAlec 6 February, 2020, 07:08

    ALL pain, all disease…whatever the ‘theoretical Cause’, is *Real*. Any Opinions, medical or otherwise, are All Just Theory!!
    Therefore, not Absolute Truth. Just Theory.

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