Neil Young is U.S. Citizen After ‘Moral Character’ Delay

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Neil Young has shared news that he is now a U.S. citizen. In a Jan. 22 post on his website, Neil Young Archives, the musician shared a photograph of him saluting, under the headline, “I’m Happy to Report I’m In!!”. (The Canadian-born musician had been seeking dual citizenship.) Last fall, his application had been delayed due to his use of marijuana.

In a Nov. 8, 2019, post, Young indicated that he had passed the required test. However, as he noted at the time, a policy alert added earlier last year within U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, under then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, stated, “An applicant who is involved in certain marijuana related activities may lack GMC (Good Moral Character) if found to have violated federal law, even if such activity is not unlawful under applicable state or foreign laws.”

Of the initial test, Young wrote in a post headlined I Have Been Very Successful in My Life, “It was a conversation where I was asked many questions. I answered them truthfully and passed.” He added, “Recently however, I have been told that I must do another test, due to my use of marijuana and how some people who smoke it have exhibited a problem.”

On Nov. 10, Young’s Crazy Horse bandmate, Nils Lofgren tweeted a profanity-laced comment to an article posted in the Thrasher’s Wheat website.

A fan also came to Young’s defense, citing the classic rock legend’s numerous good works, including The Bridge School, Farm Aid, Protector of the environment, and so on.

The “Rockin’ in the Free World” singer ended his Nov. 8 post by writing, “I sincerely hope I have exhibited good moral character and will be able to vote my conscience on Donald J. Trump and his fellow American candidates, (as yet un-named).

“I will keep you posted, but I don’t think I will be able to remain parked here during the proceedings.”

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  1. Gabe Kis
    #1 Gabe Kis 10 November, 2019, 18:30

    I think Neil Young will get his dual citizenship. Ask President Trump where he was June 28th 2009. I will tell you where he was. He was at MSG with Melania and friends for Neil Young and Crazy Horse Greendale tour. Lucinda Williams was the opening act. Joel Peresman was the Booker for MSG then and is now president of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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  2. Bob g
    #2 Bob g 10 November, 2019, 23:22

    Here ya go folks. What is the best Neil Young song? You’ll never get it although you now the song quite well. I’ve played Neil’s music for 50 years. Martin D45. Well here it is, and even he would agree with me. Yes and acoustic song. GO back kids, 4 way street, COW GIRL IN THE SAND.. AMAZING…..PERIOD.

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    • Randy
      Randy 29 January, 2020, 15:30

      Considering the subject of this article I’d say “Homegrown” is Neil’s best song! My all-time favorite, though, is “Pardon My Heart”

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  3. Rand
    #3 Rand 11 November, 2019, 00:04

    Young wants to become a US citizen after all the hateful songs he’s written about us?

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    • Jetty
      Jetty 11 November, 2019, 10:07

      Good point

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    • Paul
      Paul 11 November, 2019, 10:30

      Hateful songs?! I know, you probably love Bruce Springsteen because he sings that great flag waving song, Born In The USA.

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    • Rud
      Rud 11 November, 2019, 11:44

      Lol. Which one is that? Southern Man?

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    • Crazy Horse
      Crazy Horse 11 November, 2019, 15:15

      Isn’t this country about free speech? Neil Young should run for president!

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      • Haywood
        Haywood 11 November, 2019, 18:49

        He can’t run for President! He was born in Ontario! Must have been putting bondo on your Camaro the day they discussed the requirements for a presidential candidate!

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    • Patty
      Patty 11 November, 2019, 18:22

      WOW ! People like you still exist. The unenlightened !

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    • dennybop
      dennybop 12 November, 2019, 21:54

      That’s what is supposed to be great about America. The ability to complain without fear of being persecuted. If you believe otherwise you are not a real American and patriot.

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    • Guy Smiley
      Guy Smiley 23 January, 2020, 23:36

      You’re an idiot.

      Name one “hateful song,” please. More like “truthful songs” about where we, as a nation, have gone woefully wrong at times.

      If anything, this nation needs more people like Neil telling the truth.

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    • Gayree
      Gayree 27 January, 2020, 23:46

      Come on you freaking hater,, the whole world was waiting for you to say that

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  4. duneduder
    #4 duneduder 11 November, 2019, 01:25

    The irony of Sessions questioning the moral character of another is an indication of one wacky species we be.

    Greed, deceit, and religious ideology paired with America’s collective apathy make for an unsustainable future.

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  5. Joe Gallagher
    #5 Joe Gallagher 11 November, 2019, 07:26

    I have lived a long time and never thought I would see the names of Jeff Sessions and Neil Young in the same sentence.
    GMC means whatever any individual wants it to mean. DC scud buckets passing judgment on artists and their art.

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  6. Chumly
    #6 Chumly 11 November, 2019, 19:23

    Don’t agree with his Politics,but he deserves to get this for all the good he has done. Welcome to the U.S.A.

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  7. Bluzrider
    #7 Bluzrider 24 January, 2020, 07:18

    I don’t have any problem with Neil becoming a U.S. citizen but, what took him so long to do it? He has made a fortune here for the last 50 years, one would think he would have done it earlier.

    He has made a great contribution to music, and to the civil discourse in this country,

    I for one don’t care for his politics but, how long does it take to make up your mind up about becoming a U.s. citizen?

    Oh, and as far as his moral charterer goes, his heart is in the right place, but his choice of his lyrics is a bit harsh on the country as a whole. It’s the government that makes us look bad, not the people in it.

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