Deacon Frey, Glenn’s Son, is Surprise Guest as Eagles Open European Tour

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Deacon Frey performing with Eagles in Arnhem, Netherlands, June 17, 2022

Deacon Frey, the son of Eagles’ co-founder Glenn Frey, performed with the band Friday night (June 17, 2022) for the first time since he decided to leave the touring edition of the band several months earlier. Reports from attendees at Gelredome in Arnhem, Netherlands, the group’s first concert of their brief European and U.K. tour indicated that Frey played on only three songs of their 23-song set: “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Take It Easy” during the main set, returing for the evening’s final encore, “Already Gone.”

An attendee noted that Don Henley told the audience that the group had a surprise for them. And out came Frey. After playing “Take It Easy,” Frey waved to the audience, saying, “Thank you so much. Thank you.”

Watch Frey perform a portion of “Take It Easy” on June 17, 2022. Note: Eagles routinely have fan videos removed from YouTube.

Watch them perform a portion of the evening’s final song, “Already Gone”

On Feb. 17, two days before the band began the 2022 edition of their “Hotel California” tour, they announced that Frey would not be performing on the tour due to an unspecified illness. The announcement noted that the 28-year-old’s return would be based on “his recovery and doctor’s recommendations.” No other details were provided.

Deacon Frey and Joe Walsh; Eagles at Madison Square Garden, Aug. 25, 2021 (Photo: © Greg Brodsky)

On April 6, 2022, an announcement about Frey’s future came via the group’s Facebook page. The post noted after “carrying on his father’s legacy and, after some weeks of reflection, he now feels that it is time for him to forge his own path.”

The U.S. tour continued through the end of May. The overseas leg began following a short break.

Eagles’ entire April 6 post on the matter: “Deacon Frey has devoted the past 4 ½ years to carrying on his father’s legacy and, after some weeks of reflection, he now feels that it is time for him to forge his own path. We understand, completely, and we support him in whatever he wishes to pursue in the years ahead. In the wake of his dad’s demise, Deacon, at age 24, did an extraordinary thing by stepping from relative anonymity into the very public world of his father’s long illustrious career.

Eagles’ Vince Gill, Timothy B. Schmit, Don Henley, Deacon Frey and Joe Walsh (Photo: Ron Koch; used with permission)

“We are grateful to Deacon for his admirable efforts and we wish him well as he charts his future. Deacon’s Eagles Family will always be here to surround him with love, support and goodwill, and he is always welcome to join us onstage at any future concerts, if he so desires.

“We hope our fans will join us in wishing Deacon the very best as he moves into the next phase of his career.”

Tickets for the Eagles 2024 farewell tour are available at Ticketmaster and here.

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  1. Baybluesman
    #1 Baybluesman 6 April, 2022, 23:28

    Sorry to see Deacon leave, as he brought a semblance of his Dad to the band, and wish him well.

    Pipe Dream:
    Bring back Don Felder, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner for a final album of all new original material.
    Keep Vince, Timothy, and Joe involved, for their respective talents/contributions/harmonies as well, with at least one contribution or collaboration from each Eagle, and we just may have an essence of the classic Eagles, as a true and appropriate farewell.

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    • DAVE
      DAVE 7 April, 2022, 08:48

      Unfortunately, Randy Meisner is not in any condition to officially resume his music career, because of his various health ailments. He was invited to take part in the HOTE tour, but declined due to medical issues.

      Don Felder, on the other hand, will never reunite with The Eagles, not after all the drama he caused and bridges that he burned as a result of not just his futile lawsuits for wrongful termination, but also publishing his infamous book, and unjustly denigrating Glenn in various interviews.

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  2. Croc Tears
    #2 Croc Tears 7 April, 2022, 00:41

    First, he’s “ill” and now leaves to go on his own “path”. The Eagles have become the Don Henley Band (everybody else is a salaried employee).

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    • Pascal
      Pascal 7 April, 2022, 12:42

      Je me fais pas de soucie !! deacon reviendra jouer en concerts Eagles j espère un jour en France

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    • cpadave
      cpadave 7 April, 2022, 22:45

      Don Felder stood up against Glen Fret’s and Don Henley ‘a greed as they attempted to sidestep the membership agreement between Henley, Frey, and Felder, as the Eagles LLC. (Walsh & Schmidt were contract players). Henley and Frey sought all royalties for songs that Felder was a co-writer. Henley needs to throw his hatred in the trash and bring back Felder. Henley is showing his age and Felder would bring some credibility to the current version of the Eagles. They’re paying Felder, so let him play!!

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      • DAVE
        DAVE 8 April, 2022, 18:05

        Don Henley and Glenn Frey were not greedy men and they never tried to steal Don Felder’s royalties.

        As I already said, Felder will never come back, as he has burned his bridges with them with his own actions and behaviour. Bringing him back would be very disrespectful to Deacon.

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  3. DENZ
    #3 DENZ 7 April, 2022, 16:47

    Well, every organization has a founder & leader.
    That’s always been the structure.
    Don’t make it sound as if that’s not the normal and some between the lines implications.
    It makes me think either you’ve never been involved in ANY org or your just a recluse literally or figuratively.

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  4. Baybluesman
    #4 Baybluesman 7 April, 2022, 21:16

    As conversation, we understand all the hurdles – That’s why it’s termed a pipe dream.

    As a (pre-Long Road Out Of Eden) life-long Eagles fan’s wish, it would bring full circle closure.

    Have to agree with Croc Tears –
    The Eagles, as much as I have been a fan since their debut album, have not been the creative force they once were, not since The Long Run and/or Eagles Live.
    (And that is not taking anything away from Walsh, whom I have been a fan of since Barnstorm).

    I bought the Long Road Out Of Eden when it was release, and believe I may have listened to it twice, at best.

    As per my original post, no one is asserting it could, or would, happen – just that it would be nice closure for all of us who believe Felder, Meisner, and Leadon were every much as responsible for the core chemistry of the Eagles’ success, as were Henley’s and Frey’s songwriting and vocals, while acknowledging Henley and Frey were the driving force.

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  5. Jmarie
    #5 Jmarie 18 June, 2022, 07:54

    Felder left after a knock down drag out fight with Glenn over his refusal to participate in the left wing political activities .. Felder has his own successful career now.. he doesn’t need The Eagles.. not sure if The Eagles will continue to tour without a Frey.. he says that when Deacon joined them .. “ I can’t imagine touring without a Frey” and Don had major back issues from years of drumming ….

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  6. Ari from Finland
    #6 Ari from Finland 18 June, 2022, 17:08

    They should forget the past and ask Don Felder back.

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  7. Sennagirl
    #7 Sennagirl 20 June, 2022, 23:23

    It’s about the music. We’ve learned that the players are interchangeable over the years Everyone gets older, new blood came it. But it’s the songs – my youth to my old age – a comfortable friend. Just enjoy

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