Album Rewinds

Given the test of time and the wisdom of hindsight, how do significant albums from the past sound and play today? Our critics take a second look from a fresh perspective

The Sex Pistols’ ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ @40

They only released one album but it sparked a musical revolution. We look back at a punk-rock game-changer four decades after its release

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Steely Dan’s Aja: A Digestible, Dazzling Listen

Previously a collective yet to realize its most effective means of transforming ideas into finished art, Becker and Fagen coalesced on this 1977 classic

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Beach Boys Party! – Fun Time or Waste of Time?

Capitol Records wanted a new album for the holiday shopping season. Brian was busy with ‘Pet Sounds.” Here’s what they got, as did many fans for Xmas 50+ years ago.

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Prince ‘Purple Rain’ Deluxe Reissues Review

Says our reviewer: “It is both a welcomed arrival and a mixed bag, delivering some very desirable material and some far less so.”

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The Guess Who Go Hard With ‘American Woman’

The Canadian band had been scoring with ballads like “These Eyes” and “Laughing.” Now they wanted to rock. American Woman introduced a new Guess Who.

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