Album Rewinds

Given the test of time and the wisdom of hindsight, how do significant albums from the past sound and play today? Our critics take a second look from a fresh perspective

David Bowie ‘Loving the Alien’ Box Set: Review

The latest retrospective takes us to a time when Bowie did a rather abrupt about-face, opting for a much more commercial approach.

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Rolling Stones’ ‘Beggars Banquet’ Reissue: Review

The album saw them moving back to basics for an album that relied largely on acoustic blues. There’s not a rotten apple in the bunch.

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Jimi Hendrix ‘Electric Ladyland’ 50th Deluxe: Review

Half a century after its arrival, the last album Hendrix released before his death is the subject of a fittingly major anniversary limited edition.

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The Ramones’ ‘Road to Ruin’ Deluxe Edition: Review

Today, all four of the group’s original members are dead but the music lives on, and it’s a good deal better than many listeners realized in 1978.

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The Blues Project’s Determined ‘Projections’

Their second album marked them as a formidable and creative force, incorporating elements of other genres ranging from folk to jazz and tossing it all into a psychedelic blender.

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