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Top of The Pops (Charts)

Look back on what was ruling the radio airwaves and selling albums each week in the past

Top Radio Hits of 1968: Look Back

What a year! With all-time greats among the year’s best with songs by the Rascals, Steppenwolf, Grass Roots, Judy Collins, the Doors, the Beatles and more

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Radio Hits In September 1964: Look Back

The Top 10 during this week on Chicago’s WLS featured some of classic rock’s most enduring songs from several British Invasion acts

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Radio Hits in September 1973: Look Back

Five all-time classic rock hits were in the Top 10 this week in 1973 on Boston’s Top 40 station WRKO. Could it get any better than this?

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Radio Hits in September 1971: Look Back

Some all-time classics by Rod Stewart, the Moody Blues and The Who were still climbing the chart while the Top 10 had a mix of pop, soul and rock favorites

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Radio Hits in September 1972: Look Back

This week on Los Angeles’ Top 40 KHJ included some all-time classic rock greats including hits by the O’Jays, the Raspberries, Moody Blues + Three Dog Night

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Radio Hits in August 1973: Look Back

The Top 10 for this week had plenty of classic rock hits including a bad, bad song at #1. If you don’t love these, have someone check your pulse

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Radio Hits in August 1967: The Summer of Love

A memorable season resonated this week on New York’s WABC as a Beatles fave held the top spot followed by hits from The Doors, the Monkees + Stevie Wonder

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Radio Hits in August 1965: Look Back

The Beach Boys, the Beatles and Bob Dylan were all climbing the charts. No less than 5 of the songs in the Top 10 were performed by the same musicians

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Radio Hits in August 1968: Look Back

Top 40 was rocking in 1968 this week with a WLS Chicago Top 10 dominated by many classic rock favorites, including hits by The Doors, Cream and Steppenwolf

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Top Radio Hits in August 1972: Look Back

A re-release of “Layla” was joined in the Top 10 this week with one of the all-time great rebellious classic rock anthems

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