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Top of The Pops (Charts)

Look back on what was ruling the radio airwaves and selling albums each week in the past

The #1 Albums of 1980: Brick by Brick

Just 10 albums – including two film soundtracks and releases by several classic rock favorites – topped the U.S. sales charts. We tell their stories

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Top Radio Hits 1966: What a Year For Singles!

The British Invasion, popular vocalists and novelty hits all topped the charts. Songs from the Rascals, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and Mamas & the Papas. What were the biggest?

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Top-Selling Albums of 1981: Rock Still Reigned

Many established bands were criticized as “corporate rock” acts though they, in fact, had been paying their dues for years

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Radio Hits November 1968: Fantasy Will Set You Free

An amazing week for some all-time greats on the Top 40 including songs by Steppenwolf, Stevie Wonder and CCR. And we answer the question: Who was Derek?

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Radio Hits in November 1973: Joking Around

While Richard Nixon was insisting “I am not a crook,” Top 40 listeners enjoyed classic rock hits from Todd Rundgren, Steve Miller Band, the Stones and Jim Croce

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The #1 Singles of 1976

Top 40 programmers were featuring less songs from rock acts. There were lots (and lots) of disco hits as audiences were taking to the dance floor

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The #1 Albums of 1973

The Beatles as well as 3 of its members reached the top. Other classic rock giants, including the Stones, Elton John, and Led Zeppelin, are all represented

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The 50 Biggest U.S. Albums: 24 Never Reached #1

Though it seemed like everyone you knew owned these LPs from Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Boston, Meat Loaf, and others, they never hit the top of the Billboard chart

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Radio Hits in November 1967: Take a Look

It was a melting pot in the Top 10 on WABC this week, with plenty of all-time favorites topped by a band with a psychedelic name and an unusual path to #1

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The ‘Lucky 13’ #1 Albums of 1968: Bookended by The Beatles

Each of the LPs that claimed the top spot had a story to tell. The year began and ended with The Beatles on top with a whole lot of Simon & Garfunkel in between

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