Through The Lens

Rock ‘n’ roll isn’t just musical; it’s also visual. This is where we look through the viewfinder at iconic, memorable, stunning and beautiful images of classic rock acts and the photographers that capture them.

That ‘Don’t Touch My Records!’ Scene in ‘Diner’

The film is a portrait of a time in America when all seemed innocent and carefree but was not: bubbling just underneath, trouble and tension.

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Bob Dylan ‘Nashville Skyline’ Cover: The Inside Story

Elliott Landy talks about the magic hour of light and serendipity of his photo. “[Bob] stopped at the coat rack and grabbed a hat. ‘Do you think we could use this?’”

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Beatles 1968 Photos From Pattie Boyd, Revealed

A rare group of photographs documenting the group’s historic visit to Rishikesh, India, in 1968, have surfaced in a portfolio compiled by George Harrison’s former wife

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Smithsonian Rocks: Behind the Fan Photo Book

The Smithsonian asked fans to send them rock-related photos and stories. We spoke with the author about the making of ‘Smithsonian Rock and Roll.”

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Iconic Images from Noted Photographer Elliott Landy

If you follow classic rock music, you very likely know the work of Elliott Landy from the covers of such landmark albums as Bob Dylan’s Nashville Skyline, Van Morrison’s Moondance and the second (self-titled) album by The Band as well

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Iconic Rock Shots by Elliott Landy

A pioneer of rock music photography, Elliott Landy captured many memorable images during the late 1960s and early ’70s. We showcase two of them here

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