Points of View

These articles examine and opine on the state of rock music as well as trends, issues and other matters of consequence related to classic rock and its business and culture.

Best Classic Bands First Anniversary

We’re celebrating year one of bringing you the best classic rock news, features, reviews, contests, and more! Thank you for your support and please tell your friends about us

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Steve Miller Black Keys Diss Doesn’t Dismiss His Rock Hall Rant

Steve Miler’s Rock HOF ceremony rant had many points well taken. But he undermined his crusade for artists by treating Black Keys poorly.

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Trakin Care of Business: Heaven Can’t Wait

Roy Trakin ruminates on a variety of music, culture-related topics and personal gripes in his regular Trakin Care of Business column which makes its BCB debut

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Trakin Care of Business: Get Back, Honky Cats

Our new column plays Monday Morning QB on Coldplay at the Super Bowl. Plus the Coen Brothers’ ‘Hail, Caesar,’ Elton’s newest, and more.

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Was Don Felder Snubbed by Frey Grammy Tribute?

Fans on social media respond in a variety of ways to the former Eagle’s sadness at not being invited.

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Trakin Care of Business: Hit or Myth?

The columnist says those who are expecting reality on ‘Vinyl’ are missing the point and opines on Grammy tributes and new Neil Young book.

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