Album Rewind

Given the passage and test of time and the wisdom of hindsight, how do significant albums from the past sound and play today? Our critics take a second look from today’s perspective.

Van Morrison Grooves With the Street Choir

Morrison’s third official solo album in 1970 is largely about the spirit of soul/R&B, the feel and his singing. It features his biggest U.S. hit, “Domino.”

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Rod Stewart’s Unequaled Masterpiece

Gasoline Alley, his second solo album, showcased an artist who excelled at both rollicking rock ‘n’ roll and tender, emotive ballads

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Beach Boys Party! – Fun Time or Waste of Time?

Capitol Records wanted a new album for the holiday shopping season. Brian was busy with ‘Pet Sounds.” Here’s what they got, as did many fans for Xmas 50+ years ago.

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