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Our primary, in-depth artist profiles that put significant classic artists and acts at center stage

Question Mark + the Mysterians’ 96 Tears: The Riff

It starts with one of the most memorable riffs in rock history and the tale that follows: You did me wrong, but you will get yours yet. So who is “?”

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The Wit and Wisdom of Graham Parker

The British songwriter tells about acting in a Judd Apatow film, how he builds a setlist and his real life This is Spinal Tap moment with one of its stars

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Lita Ford: Queen of the Rock Guitar

The founding member of the all-female punk band, the Runaways, enjoyed solo success a decade later. “The Queen of the Rock Guitar” still rocks

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Alice Cooper Interview: Addiction, Vampires + a Reunion

In a wide-ranging discussion, the legend talks about many of the original Hollywood Vampires, a reunion and the ‘Wow’ he got from Paul McCartney

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Graham Nash After CSN: ‘Just Following My Heart’

In our wide-ranging interview he talks about his CSNY bandmates and curating their history, his strong new solo LP and surprise… the election. “I’m just looking forward to tomorrow…”

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Producer Jack Douglas: The Aerosmith Years

We go behind the scenes with the legendary producer who made three classic albums with Aerosmith. “They sounded like truth,” he says.

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Los Lobos: The Wolf is Thriving

Interview with Louie Perez of Los Lobos who have helped redefine what it means to be AmerIcan by fusing rock ‘n’ roll with Mexican folk and border music

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How Eddie Van Halen Changed Rock Guitar

He is the most influential rock guitarist since his band became superstars in the 1980s, all by just doing what comes naturally.

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Kosh Creates Unforgettable Album Covers

You know his iconic images: The Beatles crossing Abbey Road… The Eagles’ Hotel California… and many more. Our interview with the Grammy winner

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