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Don McLean American Pie – The True Story

The media touted how Don McLean finally revealed all about “American Pie” as its original lyrics sold at auction. But he still didn’t tell everything. How do we know? He told Best Classic Bands’ Rob Patterson the full story of how he wrote it back in the late 1970s.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Help Keep Arena Rock Alive

TSO founder Paul O’Neill shares his concerns about rock’s future despite his act’s phenomenal success. The band continue their annual year-end tour schedule

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10 Great End of Summer Songs

The end of summer is always filled with emotion. Here are 10 songs including ones by the Beach Boys and Rod Stewart to mark the change of seasons

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B.B. King is Gone; The Thrill Remains

In our BB King obituary, we describe how he gave his all to blues music, and as a result became its preeminent ambassador the world round.

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How Blue Öyster Cult Became Blue Öyster Cult

Lead singer Eric Bloom talks about the band’s late manager/producer Sandy Pearlman and their major label deals. More cowbell!

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Remembering 9/11 with Music: 15 Years Later

Two music events—“America: A Tribute to Heroes” and “The Concert for New York City”—were organized following the tragic events of September 11, 2001

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Doobie Brothers Interview: Rockin’ Down the Highway

They’ve sold millions of albums and had a string of pop and rock radio hits. And are still on the road. We talk to Patrick Simmons, Tom Johnston and John McFee

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Keith Moon: Rock’s Greatest Drummer

We celebrate the career of the man who thought what he played with The Who was “lead drums” with some insights from those who knew/admired him, and some amazing videos

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Glenn Frey Collaborator Jack Tempchin Talks Songwriting

You may not recognize the name but you certainly know his songs. Not one but two Eagles hits helped him live the good life. Check out his new song

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