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Paul Carrack Talks About His Varied Career

The man who sang “How Long,” “The Living Years,” “Tempted” and “Don’t Shed a Tear” often plays with Clapton and has a strong solo career

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Paul Anka Interview: So Square That He’s Hip

The legend wrote such classic songs as “She’s a Lady” (Tom Jones’ biggest hit), “My Way” and The Tonight Show theme. At 75, he’s known for singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

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Glenn Frey Collaborator Jack Tempchin Talks Songs

You may not recognize the name but you certainly know his songs. Not one but two Eagles hits helped him live the good life

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Kenny Rogers’ ‘What Condition My Condition Was In’

Years before his hugely successful solo career as a recording and touring artist, “the Gambler” scored a psychedelic pop hit with the First Edition

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Warren Zanes Discusses His Tom Petty Biography

The man who tells Petty’s story so well is also a musician whose band The Del Fuegos opened a tour for Tom and the Heartbreakers. He captures Petty well.

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TunesMap: Liner Notes Reward Listening Experience

The new service offers passionate music fans easy access to related content to learn more about the artists they love, with news, photos and more

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Ringo Starr’s Beat Can’t Be Beat

Writer Jim Sullivan talks to rock drummers who followed in Ringo Starr’s wake and discovers a unanimous praise for his skills, groove, swing and time on the kit – a too often overlooked secret to the success of The Beatles.

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Bobby Whitlock Talks: Derek & the Dominos’ Legacy

Though the legendary band had a short run, their music still reverberates. Their co-founder talks about finally re-connecting with Eric Clapton

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John Sebastian on the ‘Magic’ of the Lovin’ Spoonful

From ’60s hits with The Lovin’ Spoonful to Woodstock to “Welcome Back” to what he’s doing today, John Sebastian finds his joy in music

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