Van Morrison to Release Double Album, ‘Latest Record Project’

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Van Morrison (Photo: Bradley Quinn; used with permission)

Van Morrison has released a second song from his next album, Latest Record Project: Volume 1, a two-disc set with 28 songs written during lockdown. The release, with the generic-sounding name, arrives May 7, 2021, on Exile/BMG. His 42nd record, says the original March 3 announcement, “delves into his ongoing love of blues, R&B, jazz and soul” and “proves that he’s living in the present, and remains an artist of integrity and distinction.” Listen to the title track and “Only a Song” below.

“I’m getting away from the perceived same songs, same albums all the time,” says Morrison. “This guy’s done 500 songs, maybe more, so hello? Why do you keep promoting the same ten? I’m trying to get out of the box.”

From the announcement: Unable to tour, Morrison remained busy with constant songwriting, starting ideas on piano, guitar or saxophone. What emerged is a wealth of new material, which shimmers with a directness and vibrancy that comes from working with a rhythm section with whom he shares an immediate, spontaneous connection.

Of the title track, “Latest Record Project,” the announcement notes: The king of Celtic soul’s one in a million, straight-to-the-heart baritone sits in the pocket of a warm organ hum, accompanied by sha-la-la doo wop backing vocal harmonies.

Watch the lyric video for “Latest Record Project”

Other highlights range from the saxophone-led R&B gem “Jealousy” to the joyful, country-tinged “A Few Bars Early” via the spirited Them-style garage rock to the self-explanatory “Stop Bitching, Do Something.”

Other song titles include “Dead Beat Saturday Night” which addresses lockdown life in matter-of-fact style: “No life, no gigs, no choice, no voice”; the barroom rock ’n’ roll of “Where Have All the Rebels Gone,” which bemoans the lack of real independent thought; and Morrison’s views on social media, “Why Are You On Facebook?”.

Listen the official video for “Only a Song”

Two songs, “Love Should Come With a Warning’ and “Mistaken Identity,” feature lyrics that were written with Don Black.

Throughout the fall, Morrison courted plenty of controversy with his anti-lockdown stance, culminating with the release of a new song, “Stand and Deliver,” recorded with Eric Clapton.

Tickets for Morrison’s 2021 concerts are available here and here.

Latest Record Project: Volume 1 will be released on double-CD, deluxe-CD, and triple-vinyl. See the complete track listing below the links.

Latest Record Project, Volume 1 Track Listing

Latest Record Project
Where Have All the Rebels Gone?
Psychoanalysts’ Ball
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Tried to Do the Right Thing
The Long Con
Thank God For the Blues
Big Lie
A Few Bars Early
It Hurts Me Too
Only a Song
Diabolic Pressure
Deadbeat Saturday Night
Blue Funk
Double Agent
Double Bind
Love Should Come With a Warning
Breaking the Spell
Up County Down
Duper’s Delight
My Time After a While
He’s Not the Kingpin
Stop Bitching, Do Something
Western Man
They Own the Media
Why Are You on Facebook?

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  1. Lockdown Lou
    #1 Lockdown Lou 4 March, 2021, 04:36

    I usually buy all of Van’s albums but I’ve been told that these have a chip that turns people into shape shifting lizards so I’ll decline.

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  2. PanhandleBuzz
    #2 PanhandleBuzz 4 March, 2021, 05:57

    Used to be a huge Morrison fan! Attended a concert in Atlanta about 4-5 years ago!! Had read that he had become insufferable in his advancing years but chose not to believe it! Then, at the concert, had little to say, song he did were from deep in his catalog. Then, after about 40 minutes, left the stage, no comments, didn’t return! Band played about 30 more minutes and that was it! Impressed with his anti shutdown stance but still had long way to go to win back my respect and being a fan!

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  3. Da Mick
    #3 Da Mick 4 March, 2021, 10:25

    I’m trying hard to imagine Morrison writing down the “lyrics” to “Got My Latest Record Project” on paper to a twelve-bar-blues idea, looking at it, and thinking, “Yeah, that’s a good song, As a matter of fact, it’s so good, I’m going to make that the title track to my new double album.” Nah, instead, it probably went something more like “Those left who still buy my records will buy anything, so here’s me literally singing a commercial for my new double album. If you think this one’s good, you should hear the other twenty-six. I wrote them in the john, having my blood pressure taken, watching TV — you get the idea. Don’t miss it!”

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