Key Players

Behind the creation of great music that lives forever are musicians whose contributions can make a critical difference in recordings and live performances. We feature those players and how their talents bring something special to the mix

Merry Clayton on ‘Gimme Shelter,’ ‘Tapestry’ and Her New Release

The singer on the Stones’ classic: “They played me the song and asked if I could put somethin’ on it…I said, ‘Stop and tell me what all this stuff means.'”

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Joe Vitale—Vitality: A Chat with the Master Musician

“There was so much recording going on. The music business was really alive back then,” said Vitale about the ’70s. His credits include Eagles, CSN&Y & more.

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Remembering Skynyrd’s Ed King: Guitarist, ‘Alabama’ Co-Writer

He co-wrote and played the signature guitar opening on the classic track. Before that he co-wrote a 1967 psychedelic favorite

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Gerry Stickells, Tour Manager For Queen, Hendrix, Dies

“I was just unemployed, basically. That’s the truth. I hooked up with Jimi Hendrix when the Jimi Hendrix Experience was formed and it just went from there”

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