A Night That Changed My Life

All of us who love rock music have experienced those shows that have had a life-changing impact on us. Our contributors recall those special and significant occasions and how and why they made such a difference to then them.

10 Private Concerts by Top Recording Artists

It’s one of the hush hush topics amongst music stars: performances by major stars at private events, often by billionaires throwing parties for themselves

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When Hank Aaron Topped Babe Ruth’s Hallowed Home Run Mark

When the 1973 baseball season ended, Hank Aaron’s career home run total sat at 713. Throughout the off-season, and as he turned 40 on Feb. 5, 1974, he sat just one homer shy of tying Babe Ruth’s hallowed career mark of

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Fan-Tastic: Future Beat Offers VIP Concert Experiences

Why pay scalpers? Treat yourself to a great experience by attending a favorite band’s soundcheck, meet them backstage + watch them from your front row seat

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