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Top of The Pops (Charts)

Look back on what was ruling the radio airwaves and selling albums each week in the past

Radio Hits in February 1965

A boatload of British Invasion hits led the way including a Kinks favorite. A diva scored a career hit. Check out the novelty song and see what was #1…

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Radio Hits of 1970: Take a Second Look

Several pop culture touchstones debuted this year, and some of the year’s biggest singles included hits by a slew of one-hit-wonders plus some all-time classics

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The #1 Singles of 1973: Each One Has a Story

We continue our series of looking at the most popular music for a given year. The topic, as you know by the headline, is singles and while we have done stories on the biggest hits of the year, this series

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Radio Hits in January 1969: Over and Over

We’ve got some fun facts and great videos of hits from The Doors, Dusty Springfield, BJ Thomas, Tommy James and the Shondells, and more

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Top Albums of January 1977: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Nine months after its release, Bob Seger’s 2-LP live set finally enjoyed national acclaim thanks to the success of his band’s breakthrough studio album

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The 44 (Count ’em!) #1 Singles of 1974

Only one song stayed at the top for three weeks or more. Top 40 radio programmers in the U.S. were still playing rock music alongside pop, R&B and disco

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Top Albums in January 1981

This week at the top of Record World’s sales chart: REO Speedwagon, Queen, AC/DC, and John Lennon were among the top-sellers

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The #1 Singles of 1967, With Love

26 songs reached the top of the U.S. pop chart that year. And in many cases, there are some wild stories behind these rock, pop and R&B hits

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Top-Selling Albums of 1980: A New Decade

Many all-time greats were among the year’s biggest sellers, including two classic rock LPs that are among the biggest sellers of all time

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Radio Hits in January 1969: Don’t Break My Heart

Seven months before the Woodstock festival, future classic rock hits from CCR and the Doors were side-by-side with songs by the Bee Gees, Sammy and Sly

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