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Top of The Pops (Charts)

Look back on what was ruling the radio airwaves and selling albums each week in the past

Radio Hits in August 1973: ‘Bad’ Song From a Good Guy

The Top 10 for this week had plenty of classic rock hits including a bad, bad song at #1. If you don’t love these, have someone check your pulse

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The #1 Albums of 1974: Room at the Top

No less than 25 different titles were at #1 for at least one week in the U.S. The two artists with the most weeks at the top might surprise you

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Radio Hits in August 1967: Summer of Love

A memorable season resonated this week on New York’s WABC as a Beatles fave held the top spot followed by hits from The Doors, the Monkees + Stevie Wonder

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Radio Hits of 1971: 50 Years Ago

It was an amazing year for music as rock, pop and R&B shared the airwaves. Solo hits from 3 former Beatles, joined 2 songs called “Superstar” near the top. What was #1?

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Radio Hits August 1965: How Does it Feel?

The Beach Boys, the Beatles and Bob Dylan were all climbing the charts. No less than 5 of the songs in the Top 10 were performed by the same musicians

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Radio Hits in August 1968 Were a Gas

Top 40 was rocking in 1968 this week with a WLS Chicago Top 10 dominated by many classic rock favorites, including hits by The Doors, Cream and Steppenwolf

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Radio Hits in August 1972: School’s Out

A re-release of “Layla” was joined in the Top 10 this week with one of the all-time great rebellious classic rock anthems

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Only 6 Albums Reached #1 in 1978: Here’s Why

On January 21, roughly one month after the film’s opening, its soundtrack reached #1. It remained at the top through July 8, another 24 consecutive weeks

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Radio Hits in 1982: The ‘Eyes’ Have It

Songs by Fleetwood Mac (group and solo) and Rod Stewart were among the biggest Top 40 hits as were certain smashes by the Alan Parsons Project and Survivor

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Radio Hits in July 1966: A ‘Wild’ Survey

A great week with some wild stories about some of the biggest songs on the radio including hits by the Troggs, Mamas & the Papas and the Lovin’ Spoonful

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