Burton Cummings Confirms 2020 Reunion Tour With Randy Bachman

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Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings at the CNE Bandshell in Toronto, August 16, 2019

Things went so well at several reunion performances over the summer that Guess Who mainstays Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman will do it again in 2020.

On Jan. 12, Cummings made a series of posts on his Facebook page. The first teased: “YIKES!!! This guy’s lookin’ awfully happy about somethin’… almost TOO happy, if there’s such a thing…” Moments later, he wrote, “Watch for these guys comin’ to your area in 2020…” The post was accompanied by a photo of he and Bachman performing.

Several more posts followed, included a photo of the two of them captioned, “THESE GUYS…,” a reference to the Guess Who’s 1969 hit, “These Eyes.”

An initial date has already appeared: the pair, billed as Cummings Bachman, are scheduled to perform on Aug. 8 at the Titans of Rock festival in Grand Forks, British Columbia.

Cummings initially fueled the rumor on Dec. 8 when he wrote on his Facebook page, “‘Rumour has it’ that this might be a sight many people will see in 2020…” The comment accompanied a photo of the classic rock pair celebrating onstage with their arms around each other.

Photo of Bachman and Cummings via the latter’s Facebook page

On Dec. 17, Cummings wrote, “Looking MORE and MORE likely now that this will occur in 2020. I’m already mentally formulating a set list in my head, and it surely does look impressive. A two hour show composed of MANY familiar radio songs. Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours, I must say.”

As the new year began, Cummings continued to provide hope that the reunion would take place. On Jan. 4, he wrote: “Looks more and more every day like this will happen in 2020.”

The next day, he added, “Seems that ‘both parties’ want this, so now it’s just a matter of timing and logistics. No one lives forever, and methinks ‘it’s time.'”

The pair performed at a Toronto charity event on July 18 to support Canada’s Walk of Fame. But before that, it had been a decade – 2009 – since the two Canadian born musicians had last performed together.

On August 16, at Cummings’ concert at the CNE Bandshell in Toronto, his longtime bandmate surprised the audience when he showed up onstage to perform three songs.

“I found out that an old friend of mine would be in the neighborhood,” said Cummings to the audience towards the end of his set. “So I asked him would he like to come down and join in.”

And with that, the guitarist joined Cummings on stage, first for a fist pump, then an embrace. “What are we going to do,” teased Bachman. After a brief conference among the musicians, Bachman joked: “I’m trying to learn this song. Does it go like this?” And then came the unmistakable guitar riff that introduces the Guess Who’s 1970 classic rock smash, “American Woman.”

The audience roared its approval. “Seeing as how he’s up here,” said Cummings, “there’s a song he did that has become an anthem in arenas. The song is in the DNA of everyone in the free world.”

Bachman then led Cummings’ band on a electrifying version of Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s 1974 hit, “Takin’ Care of Business,” singing lead with Cummings switching over to keys.

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That wouldn’t be all. The pair then shared vocals on the Guess Who’s 1969 hit, “No Time.”

Watch them perform all three songs

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Cummings had a busy autumn. On another Dec. 8 Facebook post, he wrote: “Sincere thanks to all who attended so many of our concerts during the last ten weeks…wow…37 shows since the end of September. I haven’t worked that hard in about 20 years.”

When the reunion happens, they likely won’t be able to use the Guess Who name. (Original member/drummer Garry Peterson, retains the rights to it.) Tickets will be available here and here. (Cummings has solo dates scheduled through March 20, 2020.)

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  1. Richard Skelly
    #1 Richard Skelly 18 August, 2019, 10:33

    An easy task for Burton Cummings band to follow along. Known as The Carpet Frogs, the group supported Burton and Randy between 2005 and 2009 when they toured as the Bachman Cummings Band.

    From 2000-2003, Randy and Burton participated in a Guess Who reunion that featured fellow ‘classic era’ member Garry Peterson (drums) and post-Bachman ‘70s alum Bill Wallace (bass) and Donnie McDougall (second guitar).

    Bachman Cummings Band recorded an album of cover songs called Jukebox that included a rearranged version of the Guess Who’s greatest hit American Woman.

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  2. v2787
    #2 v2787 9 December, 2019, 13:30

    “From 2000-2003, Randy and Burton participated in a Guess Who reunion that featured fellow ‘classic era’ member Garry Peterson (drums) and post-Bachman ‘70s alum Bill Wallace (bass) and Donnie McDougall (second guitar).”

    I saw that band do a live show in St. Paul, Minnesota. (The Doobie Brothers were the opening act. What a great show!) It was fun, the sound was great, Bachman played killer guitar, and Cummings (who is one of the greatest, most underrated vocalists of all time) just killed it. Go see these guys if you can, because they are the real deal.

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    • ratkin
      ratkin 20 December, 2019, 10:44

      There is an excellent live album called “Running Back Through Canada” that documents that tour. The sound is top notch, the performances are great, and the setlist has something for any fan of Guess Who or BTO. One word of caution: make sure you get the 2-cd version. There is also a 1-cd version that’s a ‘Best of…’ cut down. Get the full version!

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      • RedRoc
        RedRoc 1 January, 2020, 16:03

        As a Classic Rock aficionado, RBTC may easily be the best live album ever.

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  3. Steve B
    #3 Steve B 8 January, 2020, 00:18

    are the other original members still alive ? Turner ?

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