Beach Boys Release ‘Sail on Sailor 1972’ Set

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The Beach Boys landmark albums, 1972’s Carl and the Passions – “So Tough” and 1973’s Holland, take center focus in Sail On Sailor – 1972, a new expansive multi-disc box set, released on Dec. 2, 2022, via Capitol Records/UMe, that documents and dives deep into their transformative and fruitful 1972 era. The comprehensive 6-CD Super Deluxe Edition (also coming as a 5-LP+7-inch EP vinyl box set) includes a bounty of unreleased outtakes, live recordings, radio promos, alternate versions, alternate mixes, isolated backing tracks and a cappella versions, culled from the historic album sessions. In all, it contains 105 tracks, 80 of which are previously unreleased. Listen to many of the tracks below including the mythic “Carry Me Home” and a cappella mix of “All This Is That,” which strips away the music to allow listeners to hear the pristine vocals of Al Jardine, Carl Wilson and Mike Love.

Sail On Sailor – 1972 features newly remastered versions of the two albums, plus Holland’s Mount Vernon and Fairway (A Fairytale) EP (complete with its original instructions to “please listen in the dark”), and boasts an unreleased live concert recorded at NYC’s Carnegie Hall on Thanksgiving, 1972, the first-ever release of a complete Beach Boys concert from this era with the original setlist.

Listen to them cover “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” which closed the show

This latest chapter in the Beach Boys’ archival series was produced by Mark Linett and Alan Boyd, the team behind 2013’s GRAMMY® Award-winning SMiLE Sessions and last year’s acclaimed Feel Flows – The Sunflower and Surf’s Up Sessions 1969-1971.

The unreleased track, “Carry Me Home,” was recorded in 1972 during the Holland album sessions. Written and produced by Dennis Wilson about a soldier dying in the Vietnam War, the hauntingly beautiful, downtempo ballad features vocals from Dennis and Blondie Chaplin over plaintive piano, country-tinged pedal steel, acoustic guitar, marching drums, and the band’s trademark harmonies. This marks the first official release of the oft-bootlegged track that has circulated amongst hardcore fans in inferior audio quality for years. It has long been one of the most requested songs to be released from the group’s archive.

Housed in a beautifully designed 12.5” x 10” hardback book-style package, Sail On Sailor – 1972 is rounded out with a detailed 48-page booklet with extensive liner notes by noted radio veteran and Beach Boys aficionado Howie Edelson, featuring new and archival interviews with The Beach Boys, rare photos of the band, images of tape boxes and reels and other recording artifacts, producers notes from Linett and Boyd, and promotional memorabilia from the day, providing an in-depth look at the recording of these albums.

Listen to the previously unreleased a cappella version of the collection’s title track

The 5-LP+7-inch EP vinyl box set, which includes the entire Carnegie Hall concerts, a variety of bonus material (also found on the Super Deluxe), and for the first time ever, a reproduction of Brian Wilson’s EP, Mount Vernon and Fairway (A Fairytale) on 7-inch, the format it was originally released on as a companion to Holland. The vinyl box will be available on its own or as a limited edition set with lithographs. A variety of abbreviated versions will also be available, including a 2-LP+7-inch EP set, available with or without a limited edition reproduction of the original Holland promotional book telling the story of the making of the album; a 2-CD deluxe edition; and digitally.

Listen to the previously unreleased performance of Carl and the Passions’ album opener, “You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone,” recorded live during their performance at Carnegie Hall

The complete Carnegie Hall set, which has remained unreleased for 50 years, was recorded on then state-of-the-art 16-track tape, rare for the time and a great advantage given the number of instruments and vocalists in the band.

Watch the official trailer for the set

More from the Sept. 27 announcement: The year 1972 was a pivotal period for The Beach Boys. Fresh off riding a wave of newfound popularity and critical acclaim from their back-to-back albums, 1970’s progressive and wide-ranging Sunflower and 1971’s kaleidoscopic Surf’s Up, Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love, and Al Jardine didn’t waste any time getting back into the studio to record their 18th studio album, Carl and the Passions – “So Tough”. For the first time in their careers, new members were brought into the fold: guitarist/bassist Blondie Chaplin and drummer Ricky Fataar – two former members of the Carl Wilson-produced South African group The Flame, who were signed to the band’s Brother Records – officially joined the group after serving as their main support act. Together the newly expanded Beach Boys redefined their sound, look, vibe and message for a new era of fans.

The Beach Boys in 1972. Photo: Capitol Records Archives; used with permission

The tongue-in-cheek title paid homage to a concert the band played with Carl at Hawthorne High around 1961, and a nod to the increasingly important roles as de facto producer and leader that he was taking on. The album was recorded from December 4, 1971 to April 13, 1972 at various studios across Los Angeles with most tracking done at the band’s private studio in Brian Wilson’s home on Bellagio Road. Released May 15, 1972, the incredibly varied eight-song record, with contributions from all seven members, peaked at No. 50 in the U.S. and No. 25 in the U.K. on the strength of such standout tracks “You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone,” “Marcella,” “Here She Comes” and “Cuddle Up.”

Seeking new surroundings and creative inspiration, The Beach Boys left sunny Southern California to record their 19th studio album, decamping to the small village of Baambrugge in Holland where they set up a makeshift recording studio in a barn and recorded the album’s basic tracks in the summer of 1972. A massive and massively expensive undertaking, the band’s entire LA-based studio was dismantled, shipped overseas, and rebuilt by engineer Stephen Moffitt. Meanwhile, the band members and their families and staff lived in different hamlets and soaked up the new environment. Eventually, the record would end up being finished at Village Recorders in L.A. towards the end of the year. The aptly titled Holland was released on January 8, 1973 and received widespread critical acclaim, charting at No. 37 on the Billboard 200 with opening track “Sail On, Sailor” becoming an FM staple and giving them their first radio hit in years. Holland was the last studio album to feature Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar as full members of the band.

The complete track listing for the 6-CD Super Deluxe Edition and much more music appears below the Amazon links.

Sail On Sailor – 1972 6-CD Super Deluxe Edition Track Listing
CD 1

1. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
2. Here She Comes
3. He Come Down
4. Marcella
5. Hold On Dear Brother
6. Make It Good
7. All This Is That
8. Cuddle Up


9. The Road Not Taken (demo – previously unreleased)
10. All This Is That (a Cappella mix – previously unreleased)
11. He Come Down (2022 mix – previously unreleased)
12. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (track and backing vocals)
13. Marcella (a Cappella mix – previously unreleased)
14. Make It Good (alternate mix with Intro – previously unreleased)
15. Cuddle Up (alternate mix – previously unreleased)
16. Carl and the Passions /Pet Sounds Promo (1972)

The previously unreleased a cappella mix of “All This Is That” strips away the music to allow listeners to hear the pristine vocals of Al Jardine, Carl Wilson and Mike Love and the group’s trademark harmonies exactly as they were recorded in the studio. The song is inspired by the Transcendental Meditation teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken.”

CD 2

The 5-LP+7-inch EP vinyl box set

1. Sail On Sailor
2. Steamboat
3. California Saga – Big Sur
4. California Saga – The Beaks Of Eagles
5. California Saga – California
6. The Trader
7. Leaving This Town
8. Only With You
9. Funky Pretty

By Brian Wilson
(Please listen in the dark)

10. Mount Vernon And Fairway Theme
11. I’m The Pied Piper – Instrumental
12. Better Get Back In Bed
13. Magic Transistor Radio
14. I’m The Pied Piper
15. Radio King Dom

HOLLAND BONUS TRACKS (Previously Unreleased)

16. We Got Love (2022 mix – previously unreleased)
17. Hard Time (previously unreleased)
18. Carry Me Home (previously unreleased)
19. California Saga – The Beaks Of Eagles (1973 single mix – previously unreleased)
20. California Saga – California (1973 single mix)
21. Sail On Sailor (track – previously unreleased 2022 mix)
22. Holland Promo 1 (1973)

CD 3
November 23, 1972

1st Set

1. Concert Intro: Jack Rieley
2. Sloop John B
3. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
4. Leaving This Town
5. Darlin’
6. Only With You
7. Heroes and Villains
8. Long Promised Road
9. Don’t Worry, Baby
10. Student Demonstration Time
11. I Get Around

CD 4
November 23, 1972

2nd Set

1. Intro to 2nd Set: Jack Rieley
2. Marcella
3. California Saga – California
4. Help Me, Rhonda
5. Let The Wind Blow
6. Medley: Wonderful / Don’t Worry, Bill
7. God Only Knows
8. Do It Again
9. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
10. Wild Honey
11. Good Vibrations
12. California Girls
13. Surfin’ USA
14. Fun Fun Fun
15. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Listen to them perform several more favorites at the concert

CD 5
1972 SESSIONS (Previously Unreleased)

1. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (a Capella mix – previously unreleased)
2. Marcella (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
3. Here She Comes (session excerpt – previously unreleased)
4. Here She Comes (2022 mix – previously unreleased)
5. He Come Down (a Cappella section – previously unreleased)
6. Hold On Dear Brother (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
7. Steamboat (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
8. California Saga – California (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
9. The Trader (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
10. The Trader (second section a Cappella – previously unreleased)
11. Only With You (alternate mix – previously unreleased)
12. Funky Pretty (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
13. Sail On Sailor (songwriting session – previously unreleased)
14. Sail On Sailor (a Cappella mix – previously unreleased)
15. Out In The Country (version 1) (previously unreleased)
16. Out In The Country (version 2) (previously unreleased)
17. Oh Sweet Something (previously unreleased)
18. Spark in the Dark (previously unreleased track)
19. Rooftop Harry (previously unreleased track)
18. Body Talk (Grease Job) (previously unreleased track)
19. Holland Promo 2 (1973)

CD 6

1. We Got Love (Live 1973 – previously unreleased)
2. California Saga – Big Sur (Live 1973 – previously unreleased)
3. Funky Pretty (Live 1973 – previously unreleased)
4. The Trader (Live 1975 – previously unreleased)
5. Sail On Sailor (Live 1975 – previously unreleased)
6. All This Is That (Live 1993 – previously unreleased)


7. Fairy Tale Music (2022 mix – previously unreleased)
8. Pa Let Her Go Out (Better Get Back In Bed alternate version with intro – previously unreleased)
9. I’m The Pied Piper (a Cappella section – previously unreleased)
10. Radio King Dom (a Cappella section – previously unreleased)
11. I’m The Pied Piper (alternate take spoken section – previously unreleased)
12. Medley: Mount Vernon and Fairway Theme / A Casual Look (session excerpt – previously unreleased)

1972 BONUS TRACKS (Previously Unreleased)

13. Little Child (Daddy Dear) (Holland home recording)
14. Susie Cincinnati (Holland home recording)
15. Medley: Gimme Some Lovin’ / I Need Your Love


16. California Saga – Big Sur
17. California Saga – The Beaks of Eagles (2022 edit – previously unreleased)
18. California Saga – California
19. Carry Me Home (track and backing vocals – previously unreleased)
20. All This Is That (a Capella alternate verse – previously unreleased)

Sail On Sailor – 1972 comes as The Beach Boys celebrate their 60th anniversary this year, the first American pop band to reach the 60-year milestone. The anniversary celebration kicked off in June with the release of a newly remastered and expanded edition of the group’s career-spanning greatest hits collection, Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys. Originally released in 2003, the album is certified 4x platinum for sales of nearly four and a half million albums. The new edition has been updated in both number of songs and sonics as it expands the original 30-track best of with 50 more of the band’s most beloved songs for a total of 80 tracks that span their earliest hits to deeper fan-favorite cuts.

Related: An in-depth interview with Brian Wilson

Morrison Hotel Gallery at the Sunset Marquis in Los Angeles is presenting Good Vibrations, an exhibit honoring The Beach Boys and their first decade. This is a celebration of the band, and a tribute to the often unsung photographers who captured these myth-making images. MHG is offering 30 never-previously-released images – plus, a very limited-edition of co-signed prints featuring all living Beach Boys. The exhibit features classic images of the legendary group performing live and in the studio and outtakes from classic album shoots, including Pet Sounds. The photographs in this collection are from the group’s personal archives as well as the Capitol Records vaults.

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    The recent Beach Boys boxes have been nothing less than superb !! I am very much looking forward to this latest one !!

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    Thank you so much for the above article and for the gathering of so many song clips together. Sail on Sailor is one of my favorite songs and I had never heard it A Cappella before – what a treat! Job well done, as usual BCB!

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    The Beach Boys ‘cover Traffic’??? If you mean Gimme Some Lovin’ that was a single by the Spencer Davis Group, not by Traffic, although the bands did have singer Steve Winwood in common.

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