Robert Plant Teases New Music

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The mysterious post that first appeared April 29 on Robert Plant’s website

Last spring (April 29), fans visiting Robert Plant’s website were confronted with an all-black page showing three words in white, placed in the center: Any time now…

Clicking on the words—or anywhere on the page—revealed … nothing. There is no longer any front door entrance to Plant’s site (though we did find our way in). Over the next few days, classic rock fans began speculating what the singer was planning. Was it an album and tour? Or even… (dramatic pause)… a Led Zeppelin reunion.

We’ll admit, we even joined in the fun when we wrote:

“While there are plenty of other major rock acts that could draw many thousands of fans to the desert, none would come even close to generating the kind of buzz that a genuine Zeppelin reunion—with Jason Bonham replacing his late father on drums—would. The band reportedly turned down a massive offer to reunite for the October 2016 Desert Trip, but now, perhaps, they have finally agreed that it’s time.”

On May 14, Plant, along with former AC/DC singer Brian Johnson, appeared as guest singers at a Paul Rodgers concert in Oxford, England.

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For two months, there was no change to Plant’s website (and, interestingly, his Facebook page didn’t feature the “Any time now” graphic). That changed on July 5, when there was finally an update to Plant’s website and Facebook and Twitter pages, when visitors were met with “A Way with Words…”

Finally, today (August 15), Plant shared the briefest of music on his various social media platforms. Have a listen…

Plant’s last known record label, Nonesuch, hasn’t updated his listing.

We’ll continue to keep you posted!

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  1. Jack
    #1 Jack 16 August, 2017, 21:38

    This is just my opinion (and we all know what they say about opinions), but this perpetual hoping for a Zep reunion, is ridiculous. It will never happen, the last reunion concert wasn’t that great. And the band knows it! It didn’t live up to even half the hype. All the stories of people coming from around the world to see the “second coming”? Can you imagine spending thousands of dollars to fly over, lodging, meals, etc., from the states and getting that show as reward? It was good, yes, but was it Zep in ’75, or the earlier tours? No way! What we got was 90 minutes of straight forward delivery of the hits. It could of been a record. The spark was gone. I don’t know, maybe they waited too long. Maybe it was John Bonham not being there (no disrespect to his son). Maybe there was too much distance between the members. To me, it looked like four strangers performing songs from a band that used to be the epitome of electric. There was none of the Plant/Page interaction, none of the Led Zeppelin magic. All this being said, I’m sure the hype would still be there. Obviously, there would be a big payday. Unfortunately, that hype and payday, was meant for a band that was last seen about 40 years ago.

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