Legendary Locales

There are many notable places around the globe that have played a significant role in rock history and the development and growth of the music. We take you to those locales and explain why they are prominent and influential.

The Beatles’ Final Gig: Up on the Roof

They only wanted to get a feel for performing live in front of an audience again. They didn’t realize it would be the last time they ever did so.

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That Time the Ramones Got Their Own NYC Street

The band that defined New York City punk rock now has their own street, right in front of Forest Hills High School, where they all met. Hey ho, let’s go!

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Big Pink Available for Weekend Getaway

It may look like just another house in country in the Catskills, albeit with an odd paint job. But this vacation rental is where legendary music was created

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The London Bar Scene of the Early Rolling Stones

If you’re visiting, you’ll want to check out where the Stones and the top British music journalists, managers, agents and publicists used to frequent

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Studio A Revisited Helps Listener Experience Dylan’s ‘Cutting Edge’

Get a taste of what working in a studio recording feels like by remixing Bob Dylan classics and trying your own vocal take on them with Studio A Revisited.

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