Promo Hits, Flops & Swag

The music business has countless tales of the many ways and means by which it has tried to help call attention to artists and their music – some creative and even ingenious, others that cause one to scratch your head and wonder what the hell someone was thinking. Some have succeeded beyond expectations; others failed abysmally. We tell the tales behind the campaigns, stunts and items that have been used over the years as promotional tactics, strategies and tools.

MTV’s Police Party Plane Goes Awry

What could go wrong when you and 25 of your friends get to fly on a private jet stocked with booze to see The Police at the show of your choice? Everything, it turns out!

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Rock Radio Promotion: From Dead Rats to Live Aid

How a highly original record label promotional stunt helped introduce Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats to America. “Playboy called me a promotional genius”…

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