Read the questions and answers in verbatim interviews with significant classic rock artists and others.

Donovan Interview (Pt 1): Sunshine Superman at 50

In a freewheeling, often revealing conversation, the Scottish singer-songwriter and Rock Hall inductee talks about his first big hit of the psychedelic era

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Richie Furay Talks About His Supergroups

In our interview, he discusses the brief Buffalo Springfield reunion (and possible album), his recent solo LP and the country rock sound

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The Beach Boys’ Al Jardine on Pet Sounds

The Beach Boys’ founding member Al Jardine speaks with Best Classic Bands on the making of the group’s iconic album, ‘Pet Sounds’

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Dylan Goes Electric Author Talks Newport ’65

Author and folklorist Elijah Wald explores the myths, context and events surrounding the famous electric live debut at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival

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Pete Townshend: The Gibson Classic Interview (Excerpt)

In this Q-and-A which originally appeared on, The Who leader talks about the Who’s Next recording process and his admiration for Lou Reed, The Band and Prince

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